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Want to join one of our classes?  At Tumble ‘N Dance, registration must be completed by visiting the studio.  We like to meet each parent and personally talk with them concerning their child’s age, experience/ability level, class preferences, and their family’s schedule. Therefore, we don’t post our class schedules on the website, only the days and time range that we offer classes. By talking with parents in person, we can make the best class placement for your child. Please contact us for class offerings and availability.

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Classes Offered

Class Descriptions
Class Descriptions Document

Ballet: The mother of all dance. Ballet is the technical base for all other dance forms. Terminology, placement and movement will be taught through exercises at barre, centre, and across the floor in a developmentally appropriate manner. Students wear pink flat ballet shoes to class.

Tap: Style of dance using special shoes for making music with your feet. Tap teaches rhythm, coordination, and musicality. Students wear flat tan tap shoes.

Jazz: Fun, upbeat style of dance. The basics of jazz dance stem from ballet. Jazz incorporates turns, kicks, and leaps with current dance moves and contemporary music. Students MUST take ballet while enrolled in jazz class. Students wear tan jazz gore boots. Jazz – ages 4 ½ and up

Hip Hop: Funky style of dance widely seen in music videos. Hip Hop is fun, energetic and good exercise. Students must be at least 6 years old and wear dance sneakers to class.

Gymnastics/Tumbling: Class consists primarily of floor tumbling in addition to stretching and conditioning exercises to increase flexibility and strength. Students will work on a floor balance beam and are eligible to participate in our annual Christmas Program and Spring Recital as well.

Mom & Tot: Class designed specifically for kids ages 18 months –2 ½. One parent participates with their child. Students will learn turn-taking skills, basic rhythm, musicality, and coordination through age-appropriate dance and gymnastics activities. We even use fun props and music! Mom & Tot is a non-performing class.

Adult Classes: Students ages 16 and up may take adult classes. Classes offered to adults vary each season. Adults with or without children enrolled at Tumble ‘N Dance are invited to take classes. Participants pay by the class. Classes are usually held in sessions for adults.

Lyrical: Optional class for Teams only. Contemporary style of dance that is expressive and interpretive, with strong foundations in ballet. Dancers will utilize muscle control, strength, and emotion to perform this style of dance. Students must be 9 years old with at least 2-3 years of ballet training, and teacher approval. Students take class barefoot or wear foot undeez or mittens.

Acro-Contortion: Class is designed to progressively teach the art of contortion in addition to acrobatic skills. The class is similar to rhythmic gymnastics. Students will increase flexibility, muscle control and fluidity of movement to create unique poses and tumbling skills. Class is reserved for serious students ages 9 and up, with teacher approval.

Class Options
Class Options Document

We provide instruction for children ages 18 months-adult. Children 18 months-2 ½ are only eligible to take the Mom & Tot class. Any student age 2 ½ and up may take classes other than Mom & Tot, if they are potty-trained. We also offer instruction for developmentally disabled children and will consider forming a specialized class for home-school groups by request. A regular class must have at least 5 registrants in order for the class to be held and continued. Class size is usually 6-12 persons. Recreational classes are held once a week, unless otherwise requested.

Class Options for Ages 18 months- 2 ½, 2 ½- 3 ½ and 3 ½-4 ½
Gymnastics – 30 minutes
Ballet/Tap – 30 minutes
Gymnastics & Ballet/Tap – 1 hour
Gymnastics & Ballet or Tap – 45 minutes
Mom & Tot – 30 minutes (age 18 mos.-2 ½)

Class Options for Ages 4 ½ -up
Gymnastics – 45 minutes
Ballet/Tap – 45 minutes
Ballet/Jazz – 45 minutes
Gymnastics & Ballet/Tap – 1 ½ hours
Gymnastics & Ballet/Jazz – 1 ½ hours
Hip Hop – 30 minutes (age 6-up)
Adult Dance - 30 minutes (age 16+; recreational) – Class offered by session only.

Additional Specialized Classes for Experienced/Serious Students Ages 9+
Lyrical – 30-45 minutes (ages 9-up; with instructor permission)
Acro-Contortion – 30 minutes (ages 9-up; with instructor permission)
Pointe – 30 minutes (ages 13-up; with instructor permission)

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